Fleet Management Made Simple

Brand Identity Design & Website for Fleet & More Management



Fleet & More Management is a Warsaw-based company that offers key solutions and services related to effective car fleet management. The scope of activity of F&MM includes car rental, leasing, insurance or comprehensive fleet service.

Back in 2015, due to the company’s growth, the image refreshment was a top-need. The goal was to create a brand identity that would assure of company's professionalism and distinguish it from the competition - both locally and globally.

Fleet management redefined

To meet the goals I started with a research on direct and indirect competitors of F&MM. I noticed some correlations between visual identities in the field and decided to use them in our favor.

In terms of design, the the old brand mark needed to be refreshed. Hence, I developed a complete new logo design, giving it some lightness and character. The created sign may be considered two ways. On the abstract level the minimalistic sign refers to the management and data analytics and on the literal one, to the first letter of the company's name.


Defining the character

Based on the conclusions from the research phase, I developed a color scheme which turned out to be a niche one when compared to F&MM's competitors. In addition, I designed a graphic theme as an extension of the logo. As a result, the brand gained its visual identity and distinguishes itself from the rest of the market.


Bringing it together

The next step was the comprehensive preparation of stationary and advertising materials for F&MM, including business cards, letterheads, pens & pencils, folders, licence plates stickers as well as stands for fairs and social media graphics. All elements were summarized and standardized in the brandbook.

The final part of the project was to produce F&MM's website which I designed and took care of the development process.


Sense of needs and listening to the client
at the highest level. Highly recommended!

- Marcin Sochacki, CEO at Fleet & More Management